The A * Star consulting team generates new business models through Blockchain technology in B2C (Business-to-Consumer) and B2B (Business-to-Business) environments, creating different architectures and implementing use cases in a variety of markets.

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Gain efficiency, security and confidence in processes. Traceability of assets and control of origin. Integration of chain participants securely and quickly, and control of business rules through Smart Contracts.


Digitization of services; Immutable and cryptographic preservation of files. Confidence between participants in each interaction; Automated alerts; Immediate and simple auditing with risk, cost and time reduction.


Cryptographic security and privacy in asset transactions or commitments between participants. Business logic executed by Smart Contracts. Ensure compliance and immediate audit, in addition to reducing operating costs.

Blockchain Identity:

Creation of “proof of existence” for all kinds of data or files; Validation by element or batch; Guarantee of non-tampering (anti-tampering); Auditability, traceability, transparency and privacy of information.


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