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Born in 2016, under the light of the Moonshot Makers, A*star was a permanent wave of making use of Blockchain technology for business transformation in a continuous, effective and exponential way.

Our work proposal involves: market and segment education; study of cases and applications; distribution of proofs of concept and MVP’s (at least viable product); architecture of customized solutions, public blockchain or private.

A*Star Labs research and software research lab, is always committed to delivering results to practice, beyond any theory.

Smartchains Consulting, our division specializes in Systems Engineering and other architectures, with the aim of innovating with the development of customized projects.

We are at one point in São Paulo / SP. We serve all Brazil and Latin America.



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LAB is A * Star research and software factory for the development of customized solutions and products;

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BuildUP oferece eSocial na blockchain por meio da A*Star Labs

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Blockchain chega ao mundo corporativo. É hora de colocar o assunto na pauta

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Blockchain pode se tornar arma contra corrupção no Brasil

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